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This website displays a collection of unique digital images, which can be of interest to:

  • art collectors, with discerning taste, for private enjoyment and satisfaction;
  • entrepreneurs, developing and/or advertising new commercial products, with attractive images enhancing the value of their products, and improving the quality of their advertisements;
  • editors, interested in embedding images in their editorial materials.

The website displays two types of images (photographed, or created by the owners of the website):

The Permitted Usage of Images is defined by the two available licenses:

The customer (the licensee) has to purchase the chosen license from the Connoisseur Images (the licensor), to acquire the right to download the images from this website, and to use, reproduce, modify, publish, and distribute them, under the Terms and Conditions specified by the license.

The detailed information on the offered images (image sizes, image resolutions, types of image file formats, print sizes), the type of license which has to be acquired by the licensee, before the image(s) can be downloaded from the website and used (in accordance with the usage scope agreed between the licensor and the licensee), and the license prices,
can be found in Guide to Purchasing.

Other information, related to photography, art, and legal issues, which the visitors to our website may find useful and interesting, can be accessed through menu.


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